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Needs more energy.

In all honesty, I loved the intro. It got me pumped up, until after the first swing section where the energy started to lack. You should try adding some FX or panning sequences to keep the energy flowing. Do not under estimate the power of panning. It is a really useful tool.

Also, your intro reminded me of Animal Rights by Wolfgang Gartner . Good job on that!

However, I have a few negative points on this. The chord progression is not really original. It has been used plenty of times. Learn to go outside of your comfort zone, F-777. With your fantastic melody skills. your songs will improve so much better.

One more thing, your EQ is lacking. I only hear mids and highs, and no bass. Spend more time on the mix once you have finished a song. It sounds like you rushed it at the end and gave up.

I happened to listen to this for 10 minutes while writing this review, and I never got bored of it. When you say this is loads of fun, it really is fun to listen to.

Awesome stuff, F-777. Keep it up, as I am too.

F-777 responds:

Thanks man for the honest review! I felt like i did go out of my comfort zone
for the intro but ya i went back in it with the melodic part of the song XD.
I do have quite a few songs that im going way out of my comfort-place
so just wait a bit i will post them this month or the next =).

I spent loads of time EQ'ing this, on my side im getting lots of bass maybe
its your speakers? Might simply be a preference thing. But ya i didn't rush it
thats probably the peak of my EQ skills at the moment, i still have a lot to learn =).

PANNING YES! I need to go back in the file and do that! I will work on that part more,
thanks for that tip thats a HUGE pointer thanks!

Thanks for the review man i really appreciate it! Be sure to message me when you
post another one of your awesome songs!

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